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Trade Deadline Post Mortem

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I am not a GM, nor do I play one on television… so I don’t have (an informed) opinion about how the Nationals did leading up to the trade deadline. Certainly the two trades the Nationals made make a lot of sense, and in terms of Matt Capps for Wilson Ramos, I think it was definitely a case of selling high.

What bothers me about it all is that the pundits seem to be critical of Mike Rizzo for sticking to his guns with regard to the trade value for Dunn (and presumably Willingham). In Rizzo’s blog, he addresses (and essentially dismisses) the criticism.

I can’t help but wonder if the team were some other… say, the Yankees or the Phillies, or the Cubs… whether the “conventional wisdom” would be so strongly lined-up against the Nationals and Rizzo.

Does (the collective) baseball somehow believe that the Nationals don’t deserve to be shrewd players in the marketplace?

Rizzo is right: if the criticism is that the other teams didn’t get Dunn at the price they wanted to pay, that is their problem.

Another Set of Eyes

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If you’re reading this blog, you’re clearly an over-the-edge, hardcore Nats fan. You’re probably reading this at work.

Does your boss know? Do you have to use an alias when you post comments?

I thought so…

Well, here’s an opportunity to feed your addiction. Mark Zuckerman, the former Nationals beat writer for the Washington Times is now out on his own. He recently started a blog called Nats Insider, and he’s gotten a lot of positive feedback about it… so he’s going to make the trek to Viera for Spring Training, and cover it from beginning to end… and he’s accepting donations to help finance his coverage.

I know,  we’d all like donations to finance our trips to spring training. But there’s one difference – he’s a professional journalist with a proven track record. Admit it, he’s very good. And since the Washington Times has given up sports for… well… “sports”, it would be great to have another set of eyes and ears out there, asking the questions we all want answers to.

Mark has a PayPal interface set up to make payments easy. You can donate at any level you like, but there are some tiers that grant you some additional access to his exclusive content.

I contributed $20.49. $20 is the first tier. I added $.49. I figured he might need to buy a blank CD or two while he was there.

As an aside, what happened at the Washington Times Sports Department  is probably indicative of what we’re going to continue to see out there when it comes to print media. The suuccessful business model is changing. I am not sure that public fundraising to send bloggers to Florida is a viable business model either, but until we know, this is something that we as consumers and colleagues can do to support new media.

Mark, will we get restaurant reviews, too?