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Trade Deadline Post Mortem

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I am not a GM, nor do I play one on television… so I don’t have (an informed) opinion about how the Nationals did leading up to the trade deadline. Certainly the two trades the Nationals made make a lot of sense, and in terms of Matt Capps for Wilson Ramos, I think it was definitely a case of selling high.

What bothers me about it all is that the pundits seem to be critical of Mike Rizzo for sticking to his guns with regard to the trade value for Dunn (and presumably Willingham). In Rizzo’s blog, he addresses (and essentially dismisses) the criticism.

I can’t help but wonder if the team were some other… say, the Yankees or the Phillies, or the Cubs… whether the “conventional wisdom” would be so strongly lined-up against the Nationals and Rizzo.

Does (the collective) baseball somehow believe that the Nationals don’t deserve to be shrewd players in the marketplace?

Rizzo is right: if the criticism is that the other teams didn’t get Dunn at the price they wanted to pay, that is their problem.

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  • A few thoughts:

    1. The Nats have not yet earned the presumption of shrewdness. The Red Sox (e.g.) have; thus the article I saw just yesterday praising them for standing pat.

    2. Reporters and commentators prefer events (trades) to non-events.

    3. Contenders are more interesting than losing teams, so coverage is slanted toward them. Heck, even I started believing Dunn might be traded, because it kept coming up. But every story was about someone who wanted to *get* Dunn — not that the Nats wanted to *trade* him.

    4. There’s a knee-jerk assumption that losing teams are poor, so they can’t afford big-name players, so they’re constantly trading for prospects. I think the Expos were experts at this, so it could even be partly a Montreal hangover.

    5. You sound less glum than the other day.

    Comment by Scooter — August 4, 2010 @ 11:05 am

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